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Books are available from the author for $8.00 each, plus a shipping cost when necessary. A set of three is $21.00 and includes: Coming to Ash Hollow/3rd edition, Going to Ocean Shores/2nd edition, and Camping at Lone Gulch/1st edition.

Additional information is on the book publisher’s website:

Coming to Ash Hollow

a Danny Lawson adventure. Ten-year-old Danny Lawson is not thrilled about coming to Ash Hollow. Moving to a new school is never easy. It is even harder for Danny who has trouble expressing himself when he gets nervous or in a tough spot. Danny’s love for playing basketball helps him overcome his struggles. Like when … Continue reading Coming to Ash Hollow

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Going to Ocean Shores

a Danny Lawson adventure. The second adventure begins with Danny and Buck as best friends. And along with Kaley and Chelsea, the fifth graders are getting ready for outdoor school. But Hank Johnson, Buck’s stepdad, escapes after being sent to jail for stealing the black box from the museum. Hank is convinced that Danny and … Continue reading Going to Ocean Shores

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Camping at Lone Gulch

a Danny Lawson adventure. The final book in the series finds Danny and his friends on the way to Lone Gulch for a one-week camping trip. Danny dreams of finding the lost gold nugget that Hank, Buck’s step-dad, accused the boys of stealing from the black box in the first book of the series. The kids … Continue reading Camping at Lone Gulch

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