Going to Ocean Shores

going-to-ocean-shores-book-covera Danny Lawson adventure.

The second adventure begins with Danny and Buck as best friends. And along with Kaley and Chelsea, the fifth graders are getting ready for outdoor school.

But Hank Johnson, Buck’s stepdad, escapes after being sent to jail for stealing the black box from the museum. Hank is convinced that Danny and Buck have made off with his distant uncle’s ‘nugget.’ The cotton balls are back and crammed down Danny’s throat as he is faced with another nervous, tough spot.

And new to Ash Hollow is Jeremy, a troubled boy who has come to live with Kaley’s family. Is he a new bully in Danny’s life? Or is Jeremy in need of a real friend?

Join Danny and Buck as the new Pioneers basketball team battles it out with the taunting Wasilla Lions at the county hoops tournament. Then tag along as the class sets off for Ocean Shores. Is Hank secretly following along? Or does it just seem that way?

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